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When starting a new game as a human in any scenario besides Vulcan and Venus, the following items are available to the player.

Player Inventory[edit]

The following is directly available to the player in their personal inventory:


This game would be impossible without the support of our main sponsor: whoever the hell dropped us in space or on a planet with nothing but flares and containers. Thanks, invisible benefactor cursing me to a certain eventual death!

Besides spawning with a bunch of crates attached, the Lander also spawns with a Portable Tank with 7576 kPa of Oxygen attached

Construction Supplies 1[edit]

Construction Supplies 2[edit]

Consumable Supplies[edit]

Organic Supplies 1[edit]

Residential Supplies[edit]

Portable Appliance Kits[edit]

Vulcan, Venus[edit]

Since Vulcan and Venus are much hotter and mostly without any ices, the starting gear on those worlds is different, including a Communications Crate but not starting you with any seeds

The player starts out with a Hardsuit, Hardsuit Helmet and Hardsuit Jetpack, with the same gear as above, except with all tools and the starting duct tape being upgraded to Mk II.


On Vulcan and Venus, the Lander spawns with Construction Supplies 1 and Construction Supplies 2, but also spawns with 3 other, different crates.

On Venus, besides spawning with a Portable Tank with 7576 kPa of Oxygen, it also spawns with a Portable Tank with 7576 kPa of Water attached as well.

Organic Supplies[edit]

Misc Crate[edit]

Communications Crate[edit]