Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock)

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Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock)
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Stacks No
Paintable No
Created With Electronics Printer, Fabricator


A Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock) can be used to automate the operation of an airlock separating two pressurized atmospheres. Guide (Airlock) Atmosphere to Atmosphere provides additional information regarding the function, construction, and operation of an airlock using a Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock).

A Circuitboard (Airlock) might serve as a suitable substitution, being a simpler system to construct but lacking support for Console Slaves or more than one pressurized atmosphere.


  • Its settings will refer to the two adjoining environments as either "interior" or "exterior".
  • Its pressurization phase will stall if there is not enough gas available to the selected interior or exterior Active Vent to reach the set "External #Pa" or "Internal #Pa".
  • Its depressurization phase will stall if a complete vacuum cannot be achieved within the Large Grid Volumes in which all selected Gas Sensors reside.
  • If its settings for "External #Pa" or "Internal #Pa" are set to 0, the corresponding pressurization phase will be skipped.
  • When powered, all selected Portals and Active Vents will be locked, preventing their manual use even when power is subsequently denied.
  • Supports only one "interior" and one "exterior" Active Vent
  • Supports multiple Gas Sensors
  • Supports additional Console Slaves

Console Slave[edit]

Additional control Consoles are useful when airlocks become large or remote control is desired. A Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock) can support one or more additional enslaved consoles where the "master" and all "enslaved" Consoles will sync their action and state with each other. Only one master console can be used to enslave other Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock) equipped consoles residing on the same Wire Network. See Guide (Airlock) Atmosphere to Atmosphere for information regarding the construction of Console Slave.

User Interface[edit]

A powered Console equipped with a Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock) and will display the following user interface:

Name Type Function
Cancel Depressurize Console button Cancel depressurization and proceed to repressurization (Warning: Atmospheric mixing may occur)
Cancel Pressurize Console button Cancel pressurization and opens door
Emergency Override Console button Unused
Cycle to Exterior Console button Begin airlock operations to allow access to Exterior environment
Cycle to Interior Console button Begin airlock operations to allow access to Interior environment


A powered Console equipped with a Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock) and an inserted Data Disk will display the following settings:

Name Description
External #Pa Set minimum internal airlock pressure to open exterior portal
Internal #Pa Set minimum internal airlock pressure to open interior portal
«Portal» EXTERNAL Designates one portal to exterior environment
«Portal» INTERNAL Designates one portal to interior environment
«Active Vent» EXTERNAL Designates one Active Vent for exterior atmosphere
«Active Vent» INTERNAL Designates one Active Vent for interior atmosphere
«Gas Sensor» SENSOR Designates one or more Gas Sensors for airlock pressure measurements
«Light» LIGHT Designates one or more Lights to be activated only during airlock operation
«Console» MAKE SLAVE Designates one or more Console Slaves


Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock)'s are manufactured using:

Manufacturer Requirements
Electronics Printer #J Power, 1g Iron, 5g Gold, 5g Copper
Fabricator #J Power, 1g Iron, 5g Gold, 5g Copper


Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock)'s can be recycled using a Recycler in conjunction with a Centrifuge to yield ##g Iron, ##g Gold, and ##g Copper


Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock)'s can be destroyed using a Arc Furnace, a Furnace or with multiple shots from a Weapon

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