EVA Suit

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EVA Suit
Stacks No
Created With Fabricator
Max Pressure 202.65 kPa
Volume 10 L


Used to be able to go outside a pressurized and breathable environment. It features an adjustable pressure adjustment and air conditioning toggle.

  • Cost
    • 5 Iron
    • 5 Copper
  • Contains 6 slots
    • 1x Air Tank - insert a Canister with 100% O2
    • 1x Waste Tank - insert an empty Canister where waste gases will be stored
    • 1x Life Support - insert a charged Battery Cell
    • 3x Filters - insert filters if not using 100% O2


  • Note that the maximum allowed pressure for the Waste Tank is 4052kPa. Low/critical oxygen warnings will occur close to this value.
  • The default filter is the CO2 filter, a gas generated by the characters when consuming breathable air.