Gas Canister

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Max Pressure 10132.5 kPa
Volume 64 L
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Cost 5g Iron


Gas Canister is used to store gasses. The gasses can then be output at a rate of 101.325 kPa per tick. Over-pressurizing the canister will cause it to explode. The "standard pressure" when spawned is defined as 8106 kPa, or 80 Earth Atmospheres. The maximum pressure for a canister is 10.132 MPa, or 100 atmospheres. Its internal volume is 64 Litres.


To fill the canister, place it into a Gas Tank Storage unit connected to a pipe network carrying gas (equalising the pressure in the network and canister). It can also be refilled by inserting it into the striped area above of the Portable Tank.

When held in the hands or directly from the spacesuit, a canister can be opened, causing its contents to equalise with the atmosphere (or contents of a sealed room).

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  • If you need higher pressure (and thus higher capacity) canisters, consider using Gas Canister (Smart), which have visible display of tank pressure and a pressure capacity twice that of the standard Gas Canister.
  • Default colour marking in Stationeers:
Blue H2O (Water)
Green N2 (Nitrogen)
N2O (Nitrous Oxide)
Grey CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
X (Pollutant)
Orange Fuel (H2 66% + O2 34%)
Red H2 (Hydrogen / Volatiles)
White O2 (Oxygen)
Air (as defined in-game as O2 25% + N2 75%)
(Note: don't use O2/N2 mix in your suit, just use pure O2)
Yellow Stock colour after manufacturing (Empty)
  • Other common (player) colour markings in Stationeers:
Black X (Pollutant, replacing Grey)
Khaki Air (as defined in-game as O2 25% + N2 75%, replacing White)
Air 20/80 (Earth Standard, less 1% Argon)
Nitrox 35/65 (alternate breathable mixture)
Pink Hydroponic Air (any breathable mix with also including >2% CO2)
Purple Exhaust Gas (any High Pressure / Temperature mix including X and CO2)
Brown Body-specific Atmospheric Gas
Yellow Waste / Exhaled Gas (per default Waste Canister)