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There are two types of fuel, solid fuel and gas mixtures. The only solid fuel available in the game right now is Coal, coal can be used to fuel the Solid Fuel Generator. In order to use gasses for fuel you need a combustible gas combined with an oxygen source. The only flammable gas in the game is Volatiles (labeled as H2), the two oxygen sources are Oxygen (2:1 mix simply called fuel) and Nitrous Oxide (1:1 mix called superfuel).

Using Fuels[edit]

Fuel Combustion[edit]

Autoignition Temperature: 300℃
2 Volatiles + 1 O₂ -> 3 Pollutant + 6 CO₂ + 572kJ

Fuel Combustion Using a H2 Combustor[edit]

2 Volatiles + 1 O₂ -> 2 H₂O + 429kJ

Superfuel Combustion[edit]

Autoignition Temperature: 50℃
1 Volatiles + 1 N₂O -> 2 N₂ + 2 CO₂ + 572kJ

Note that staying below autoignition temperature means condensation for Nitrous Oxide at more than about 1MPa pressure, making it hard to store the fuel mix in large quantities without liquid management. While this reaction releases the same amount of energy as the classic fuel combustion above, it does so using half the volatiles and heating waste gases with less thermal mass resulting in higher temperatures.

Mixing Fuel[edit]

You can easily mix fuel by adding O2 and H2 to a pipe network in order to put it into canisters or pump into a furnace.

H2 can be attained by melting the Ice (Volatiles) that can be found in some worlds while being part of the atmosphere of Vulcan. O2 can be attained by melting the Ice (Oxite) or again from some atmospheres. N₂O is part of Ice (Nitrice) or can be created by the Nitrolyzer.

Depending on how exact the proportions of your gas mixture are you will end up with different end temperatures and pressures after ignition.

Basic Canister Mixing Setup[edit]

Parts required[edit]


  1. Place the 2 Gas connector platforms
  2. Connect the 2 gas connector platforms to the inputs of the gas mixer
  3. Connect the gas mixer output to the canister connector
  4. Connect the gas mixer power input to power.


  1. Put a large bottle or scrubber filled with O2 on one platform.
  2. Put a large bottle or scrubber filled with H2/volatile on the other platform.
  3. Use a wrench to connect both to their platforms.
  4. Optional: for a perfect mix, ensure the temperature of both gases is exactly the same.
  5. Set gas mixer to desired combination (34% O2 66% H2) Note: as the combination is a floating point number, you can also enter 0.333... or 0.666... with a labeler to get a more precise mix.
  6. Turn on gas mixer
  7. Place empty canister in inline connector.

Gases and Liquids

Elements Compounds Useful Mixtures

Oxygen Nitrogen Volatiles Pollutant

Carbon Dioxide Water Nitrous Oxide