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Power Usage 6000W
Placed with Kit (Atmospherics)
Placed on Small Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill
Item received Kit (Atmospherics)


The Nitrolyzer produces Nitrous Oxide (N2O) from Oxygen (O2) and Nitrogen (N2).

The nitrolyzer has been observed to draw 6kW which will destroy normal Cable Coils, so be sure to use Cable Coil (Heavy)


The power consumption is always 20kW while N2O is being produced. If there is no O2:N2 gas mix available it will just pump gas and consume 50W.

The ratio between the incoming O2 and N2 determines how fast the Nitrolyzer works. A 1:1 mix gives the fastest production rate, and this will produce 0.225 mol N2O every game-tick (0.5 seconds).

Every tick the Nitrolyzer will take 1.5 mol from it's inputs, the pressure and temperature doesn't matter. If both inputs are connected it will try to take 0.75 mol from each one, if one pipe has too few moles available it will compensate by taking more from the other.

The chemical reaction is NOT stoichiometric. Instead, when a fixed mol amount is used, the total mol of N2O produced is half of the sum of total O2 and total N2.
50 mol O2 + 50 mol N2 -> 50 mol N2O
1 mol O2 + 99 mol N2 -> 50 mol N2O (this is very slow)

The amount of N2O produced per tick can be calculated like this:
mol N2O per tick = lowest ratio / highest ratio * 0.75 * 30%
An input mix of 50% O2 + 50% N2 will produce 50% / 50% * 0.75 * 30% = 0.225 mol N2O per tick
An input mix of 33.3% O2 + 66.7% N2 will produce 33.3% / 66.7% * 0.75 * 30% = 0.1125 mol N2O per tick

The O2:N2 ratio in the output is always the same as the O2:N2 ratio in the input. This makes it easy to reuse the O2:N2 gas mix after the N2O has been removed by a Filtration unit.

Nitrolyzer and N2O Filtration setup