Ice (Oxite)

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Ice (Oxite)
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Ice (Oxite)
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Mined with Mining Drill, Heavy Mining Drill


Ice (Oxite) is a frozen ore that can be mined throughout the surface and underground of a planet or an asteroid using a Mining Drill or Pickaxe.

It is recommended to equip the Mining Belt before mining, as mining ice without the belt will put the ore in the player's hand, where it may start to melt. Ice is extremely sensitive to temperature and will sublimate to gas if the surrounding temperature is at 0 °C or above. This can be avoided, even in hot environments, if the ice is placed in a Mining Belt or specific devices like the Ice Crusher (even when turned off).


Oxite can be processed into a Pipe Network by placing it into an Ice Crusher. However, if you want pure oxygen, it must then be filtered as Oxite is not pure oxygen.

If necessary, Oxite can also be turned into a gas by being placed on the ground or in the player's hand when the surrounding temperature is at or above 0 °C. This will release the ice's components into the surrounding atmosphere, however, which may not be ideal.

One unit of Oxite is composed of the following gases:

Amount Material
22.5 mol (90%) Oxygen (O2)
2.5 mol (10%) Nitrogen (N2)