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Oxygen, also known as O2, is the basic gas necessary for human survival. It is is released when smelting certain ore (such as gold) or by melting Oxite. It is also produced by plants in hydroponic trays or the hydroponics station when they photosynthesize.

Oxygen has a specific heat of 21.1 Joule / mol.

Pure oxygen auto-ignites at 300c when in atmosphere at any pressure when volatile gas is present.


The main usage is in sustaining your life, either in the ambient atmosphere when your helmet is open, or in your suit's oxygen tank. Aside from that it is used for combustion in the furnace and the gas generator.


You can collect Oxygen from the following sources:

Source Amount
Ice (Oxite) 22.5 mol
Gold Ore 0.2 mol
Lead Ore 0.1 mol