Duct Tape

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Duct Tape
Created With Fabricator, Tool Manufacturer
Cost 1g Iron (Fabricator) or 2g Iron (Tool Manufacturer)

Duct Tape Mk II
Duct Tape Mk II.png
Created With Tool Manufacturer Mk II
Cost 2g Iron & 1g Electrum


Duct Tape mainly serves as a Suit repair consumable, enabling the player to repair a suit rupture. It is an item the player starts with. It can also be used to repair other things like portable machinery and canisters. Solar panels that have been damaged during a storm can also be repaired with Duct Tape. The amount used and how long it takes to repair are dependent on the damage the object has sustained.

Duct Tape Mk II[edit]

Is functionally the same as normal Duct Tape but has a flash point of 873K (599.85°C), and a autoignition of 973K (699.85°C). Where as the normal Duct Tape has a flash point of 323K (50°C), and a autoignition of 373K (100°C). As such, its designed for much hotter environments like Vulcan or Venus, hence why its in your starter kit on those two planets instead of normal Duct Tape.


Press right-click while in active hands to use and repair suit damage. Left click and hold when facing a damaged object to repair said damaged object.


  • When a Suit/Helmet is repaired it will repair the rupture but not the durability, the only way to restore a suits durability is by replacing the suit with a brand new one.
  • A ruptured suit that has been repaired with Duct Tape may work perfectly fine. But as a suit loses durability it will be less efficient at its normal operations. So when a suit has lost a lot of durability, it's worth replacing both for a much more functionally efficient suit, and so that the next collision does not break the suit, leaving you in a uninhabitable environment without one.
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