Portable Solar Panel

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Portable Solar Panel[edit]

Portable Solar Panel
Portable Solar Panel
Stacks No
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 5g Iron, 3g Gold, 10g Copper


This small, self-deploying solar panel has one battery slot (refer to picture) and cannot have the solar panels tuned to the sun. Therefore, this little device should be used for long excursions where recharges may be necessary. This should be used as an emergency power device and not as a Main Source of power

Information to know[edit]

  • Visibility is Equal to Watts Produced (50 visibility Watts 50)
  • Mainly used for tool battery recharges and maybe Emergency suit charges
  • Works best with Small Battery cells


(At 100 watts)

Justification: A large battery has 288 000 J of capacity, which when divided by the small cell's capacity of 36000 J we obtain 8. That number is then multiplied to the small battery's charging time to obtain the larger batteries' charging time.