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Created With Organics Printer
Cost 100 000W 120s
Hash ID 1277828144

Pumpkins can be grown in hydroponics to yield 2 x Pumpkin.
Plants need the following:

  • Atmosphere: Minimum atmosphere pressure 7.7 kPa, with traces of CO2 (at least 0.1 mol) and under 1% Pollutant (X).
  • Temp: Minimum atmosphere temperature of 20C (293K) is required for growth, under 15C (288K) or over 50C (323K) the plants will die.
    • The ideal temperature range for maximum growth speed is between 30-40C
  • Water: 5-60 Degree Celsius to avoid taking damage
    • Plants require Water and consume it, but in very little quantity (a plant uses ~0.4 mols/h)
  • Light: either sunlight, or a Grow Light are required for plant growth. A mature plant won't die or take damage when in darkness.
  • Optionally: you can increase yield or growth speed by adding fertilizer created in a Portable Composter or an Advanced Composter

More information:

  • Can be consumed raw to restore 100% of hunger.
  • Can not be partially consumed so a portion of nutrition potential is wasted if player is not completely starving.
  • Can be used as an ingredient of pumpkin pie
  • Are the slowest growing out of all "normal" plants (~40% slower), and more than twice slower than Rice.