Darga Fern

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Darga Fern
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Stacks Yes (10)

The Darga Fern is genetically engineered to increase the rate of CO2 to O2 conversion, 7 times faster than a common plant, or 4 times faster than Peace Lily and Tropical Lily. Can be grown in hydroponics to yield 2 x Darga Fern Seeds at an early stage and 2 x Darga Fern when fully grown.

Plants need the following:

  • Atmosphere: Minimum atmosphere pressure 7.7 kPa, with traces of CO2 (at least 0.1 mol) and under 1% Pollutant (X).
  • Temp: Minimum atmosphere temperature of 0C (293K) is required for growth, under 0C (273K) or over 50C (323K) the plants will die after 5 minutes.
    • The ideal temperature range for maximum growth speed is between 20-30C
  • Water: 5-60 Degree Celsius to avoid taking damage
    • Plants require Water, but consume only ~0.043 mols per hour (0.0216)
  • Light: either sunlight, or a Grow Light are required for plant growth. A plant won't die or take damage when in darkness, but the growth will slow down cumulatively if improper lighting conditions persist.
    • If too much or too little light is provided to the plant, it will begin to accumulate "Illumination Stress" that lowers the efficiency of its growth. It will slowly revert to normal when the plant only if it is in favorable lighting conditions. The amount of accumulated stress can be seen with Cartridge Plant Analyser
    • On some planets and in some conditions, the natural sunlight will not be enough for the plant to grow efficiently without accumulating "Illumination Stress". A Grow Light is then required. It can be used along with natural light, to supplement the overall lighting to the necessary levels.
  • Optionally: you can increase yield or growth speed by adding fertilizer created in a Portable Composter or an Advanced Composter
Info Data
Time to fruiting 12 minutes in light
Yield 2+2
Raw Nutrition No
Edible By Chickens No

More information:

  • A harvested Darga Fern won't decay like a regular Fern
  • Consumes CO2 and produces O2 at 0.51 mol/minute (0.0085mol/tick)
  • The Darga Fern cannot be substituted in for the regular Fern in recipes, including Pill (Medical) and Milk