Mining Belt

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Mining Belt
Created With Fabricator Tool Manufactory
Cost 3x Iron


Used to store two mining tools (or 2 tools of any type) and 8 slots for ores. When the belt is equipped, mined ores are automatically stored inside it.

Items stored in the mining belt can be removed automatically using an Unloader.

Use in Storage[edit]

The Mining Belt's ability to store 8 ore stacks per belt while also fitting into a single backpack or locker slot, allows achieving incredible storage densities by placing multiple belts within the same inventory. A single Hardsuit Backpack using all slots to store Mining Belts could hold 96 stacks of ore. Using a double wide locker to hold Hardsuit Backpacks filled with ore would be capable of holding 2880 stacks of ore, or 144000 individual ores.

As with other mining belts/packs, ices stored in the belt will not melt or sublimate regardless of the exterior atmosphere, allowing indefinitely storage of ices even in hot atmospheres.

Mining Belts can be painted by dropping them on the ground and then using a Spray Paint can on them.

If you want more storage, upgrade to the Mining Belt MK II or add a Hard Mining Backpack.