Hardsuit Backpack

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Hardsuit Backpack
Created With Tool Manufactory
Cost 15g Steel, 5g Astroloy, 5g Stellite


An enlarged storage unit worn on the back, usually but not always in combination with a Hardsuit.

It has no jetpack capability, unlike the (smaller) Spacepack and larger but much more expensive Hardsuit Jetpack.


Your backpack storage functions can be accessed by pressing the Number '4' key.

The colour of an (unworn) backpack can be changed using Spray Paint.


It contains 12 slots, as follows:

  • 12x Generic Storage slots


  • Your backpack can hold items stacked within items (so in theory, you could nest multiple backpacks - although this may be contrary to the spirit of the game!)
  • It is theoreticlly possible to mix EVA Suit elements and Hardsuit elements (given that the EVA Suit has no backpack without a jetpack)
  • Marine Armor has no matching backpack, and could therefore be supplemented sensibly with any backpack