Marine Armor

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Marine Armor
Created With Tool Manufactory
Cost 20g Steel, 10g Nickel, 10g Silicon


An unpressurised armored suit (or vest) normally worn with a Marine Helmet on board stations and ships. Potentially advisable if shooting is likely to be involved!

Also provides some generic storage capacity, potentially making it desirable for characters working 'indoors' and wishing to carry multiple items (whereas an EVA Suit does can only hold Filters, Tanks and Batteries).


Your suit storage can be accessed by pressing the Number '3' key.

The colour of an (unworn) helmet can be changed using Spray Paint (although to maintain a 'tactical' look this will only change the colour of the trim, not the entire vest)


Contains 4 slots:

  • 4x Generic Storage slots


  • Caution: Not suitable for non-pressurised / toxic environments!
  • Damaged suits can be recycled (assuming you have a new one to use!)
  • Marine Armor has no matching backpack, and could therefore be supplemented sensibly with any backpack - a Hardsuit Backpack painted black, grey or khaki may offer the best match, although a Spacepack or Hardsuit Jetpack could be worn if 'indoor' flight capabitlies are desired.