Kit (Iron Wall)

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Kit (Iron Wall)
Stacks Yes (30)
Created With Autolathe
Cost 1g Iron


A Kit (Iron Wall) is used to build a basic wall that is suitable for separating differing atmospheric environments. You can also attach devices on the face side of the wall.

Once the iron walls are placed, the walls are then completed by placing Iron Sheets over them, the placement of which does not require tools. In order to disassemble, the Crowbar is needed to remove the Iron Sheets, then the Angle Grinder is used to remove the Iron Walls.


All variants of Kit (Iron Wall) share the following characteristics:

  • They are guaranteed to be airtight.
  • They have relatively low resistance to Pressure on the face side compared to other Walls.
  • They have relatively low resistance to Damage compared to other Walls.
  • They can be used in the construction of a Room.
  • They can only hold a pressure differential of 200 kPa. (On Venus they will fail when Vacuuming)


Variant Requirements Pressure rupture point (kPa) Image
Iron Wall (Type 1) 1 x Kit (Iron Wall) + 1 Iron Sheet 200
Iron Wall (Type 2) 1 x Kit (Iron Wall) + 1 Iron Sheet 200
Iron Wall (Type 3) 1 x Kit (Iron Wall) + 1 Iron Sheet 200
Iron Wall (Type 4) 1 x Kit (Iron Wall) + 1 Iron Sheet 200
Iron Window 1 x Kit (Iron Wall) + 1 Iron Sheet + 1 Glass Sheet 200


Manufacturer Requirements
Autolathe 500 Power, 1g Iron


Kit (Iron Wall)s can be recycled using a Recycler in conjunction with a Centrifuge to yield #g Iron and #g Copper


Kit (Iron Wall)s can be destroyed using a Arc Furnace, a Furnace or with multiple shots from a Weapon


  • Iron walls (and windows) start to make a groaning sound when pressure on the face side exceeds 160 kPa, they are not getting damaged yet.
  • Iron walls appear to resist infinite pressure on the "frame" side, as long as the "plated" side is exposed to an unsealed vacuum.
  • When getting destroyed, the walls yield one Wreckage item and the remaining frame needs to be ground down but will not be returned as a kit anymore.

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