Iron Walls

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Iron Walls
Stacks 30
Created With Autolathe, Fabricator
Cost 4g Iron


Basic walls, they are airproof.

Once the Iron Walls are placed, the walls are then completed by placing Iron Sheets over them, the placement of which does not require tools.

In order to disassemble, the Crowbar is needed to remove the Iron Sheets, then the Angle Grinder is used to remove the Iron Walls.

An Iron Wall and an Iron Composite Window, finished

The kit offer two variants : an opaque wall or a composite window :

  • The wall require one IronSheet to complete
  • The composite window require one Iron Sheet, then one Glass Sheet to complete. This window is similar to the steel one, except there is no white border around the glass


  • You can't place structures on walls, but you can place a wall on a frame, place your structures on the wall/frame and afterwards deconstruct the frame. Which will leave you with your structures seemingly attached to the wall. This has since been corrected and you can now place items on walls. Keep in mind that the walls are a little "picky" when placing items.
  • Composite walls appear to resist temperatures up to 2000K on the finished side. The temperature resistance on the unfinished side seems to be infinite.