Kit (Padded Wall)

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Padded Walls
Stacks Yes (30)
Created With Fabricator
Cost 1g Steel


The Padded Wall Kit only builds the frame, you need a Steel Sheet to complete the wall. It is not airtight until completed. The properties and behavior are like Composite Walls. However, they offer six different looks.

The receptacles of the Light Fitting and Arch Lights Fitting variants will align with wall lights. For Light Fitting (single light), use the "Long" light. For Arch Lights Fitting (double lights), use "Long Angled" lights, placed at the top and bottom of the wall and rotated 180° from one another.

The Arch Vent variant is only cosmetic at this time. It does not include a pipe fitting for gas flow. You can place a functioning vent behind the padding, but this is true for all Padded Wall variants. However, the Arch Vent variant does allow the functional vent to be visible behind the grille, if it is placed correctly.


  • Withstand up to 300kPa

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