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Pressure 250 kPa
Oxygen 0%
Carbon Dioxide 93%
Nitrogen 7%
Volatiles (hydrogen, chloromethane, etc.) 0%
Pollutant (chlorine, sulfides, etc.) <0.1%


Venus has an atmospheric pressure of 250kPa containing mostly Carbon Dioxide with some Nitrogen and a small amount Pollutants, at roughly ~460C.

Early Gameplay[edit]

Oxygen is critical and the most challenging part to manage in early-game Venus. The Waste Tank will fill within 5-10 minutes.

Early Oxygen Solutions[edit]

  • Cycle your Oxygen tank and Waste tank(s) early on, using up your suit's battery to Rebreathe the gas.
  • Open your waste tank in a single closed-off airlock and vent it into several pipes, saving it until you can cool it down.
  • Turning off your suit's Air until your suit pressure drops to ~25KPa, then turn it on to re-pressurize to 100 KPa, this will dramatically increase the time it takes for your waste tank to fill, but you have to remember to turn it on periodically to prevent suffocating yourself.

Early Eating/Drinking Chamber[edit]

Build a 1x1 room with an airlock where you store the oxygen granted by the oxygen tank so you can eat/drink.

Later Gameplay[edit]

Iron Walls and windows will implode, along with Iron/Steel windows when a vacuum is attempted. There are two veins to go down when attempting early game:

  • Iron Frames for 4x the Iron price.
  • Rushing Steel for Steel Walls.

Oxygen and Food[edit]

Your Oxygen will eventually run out making it harder and harder to mine before it runs out. If an Oxygen farm is not in place in time, all is lost.

  1. short term: After solving intermediate oxygen with an Electrolyzer, you must save water for a long period until you can trade and build a farm. (NOTE: This is a last resort)
  2. Build a farm and stay inside a vacuum chamber long enough for the crops to grow and produce oxygen in vast quantities, long enough for several runs.


  1. Obtaining Seeds of any kind is a must from Organics Traders, just like Vulcan gameplay. It is Ideal to have an atmosphere

Real Venus[edit]

See Real Venus Save Venus has 9.1 MPa of Atmosphere at 460 Celcius.

The Hardsuit can survive more than 10 MPa of pressure, this file is only here as a reference for proof, even if the save is impossible.

Rules imposed by Engine:

  • Items and Machines, including PCUs and Active Vents will degrade quickly outside, making a let's play impossible.
  • It takes Eons to depressurize.
  • Real Venus would require at the very least Blast Doors and all walls will have to be made with Iron or Steel Frames.
  • Every voxel, above or below has 9MPa of gas trapped in it, you cannot dig a vacuum-base out without experiencing a blow-out, destroying the hardsuit.

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