Solid Fuel Generator

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Kit (Solid Generator)
Created With Electronics Printer, Fabricator
Cost 50x Iron, 10x Copper
Solid Fuel Generator
Power Usage 20KW generated per each tick
Prefab Hash 1293995736
Placed with Kit (Solid Generator)
Placed on Large Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill


The solid generator requires coal or charcoal, the latter is renewable. It will output 20kW of power per game-tick, each Coal burns for 10 ticks and each Charcoal burns for up to 6 ticks (but less if a stack is used).


The generator is not on-demand, meaning that it will burn the fuel even if nothing is using the power. Without a station battery most of the power generated by a Solid Generator will be lost. An area power controller(APC) can charge its attached battery with 1 kW per tick, a small battery charger can take 400W in each slot and a battery charger can take 500W in each slot.

With 18 coal pieces a station battery can be fully charged. This is about 3 coal pieces per indicator light.

It's possible to use the regular cable coil as long as 5kW or less of the power produced is used. This is because a cable will only burn when the power usage exceeds its limit, it will never burn from a high power generation. A Station Battery will always take all the power that is available, which in this case means 20kW, only a heavy cable coil can handle that much.

The Solid Generator have no connection for a waste pipe, all the hot exhaust gases are just released around it. This will kill plants and harm non-robotic player characters, so it's best used outdoors or in an airtight room. When Coal is burned, each one will release 10 mol of CO2 and 3 mol of X. When Charcoal is burned, each one will release 3 mol of CO2 and 3 mol of X.