Solid Fuel Generator

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Kit (Solid Generator)
Created With Electronics Printer, Fabricator
Cost 50x Iron, 10x Copper

Solid Fuel Generator
Power Usage 20 kW generated per each tick
Prefab Hash 1293995736
Placed with Kit (Solid Generator)
Placed on Large Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill


A machine that converts solid fuel to energy. It generates up to 20 kW per game-tick (40 kJ/s).

Fuel Time to burn Total energy
Coal 5 s 200 kJ (55.5 kWh)
Charcoal 3 s 60 kJ (16.6 kWh)


This generator outputs energy dependent on the demand, up to 20kW. In particular, it can be connected to a cable coil if the demand is up to 5kW. Higher demand requires a heavy cable coil. Demands lower than 20kW result in an energy loss, as this generator burns fuel at a constant rate independent of the demand.

Energy storage[edit]

This generator fully charges a station battery (with a heavy cable coil) with the following:

Fuel Amount
Coal 18 units
Charcoal 60 units


This generator exhaust gases to its surroundings as follows:

Fuel Carbon Dioxide Pollutant
Coal 10 mol 3 mol
Charcoal 3 mol 3 mol