Kit (Solid Generator)

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Solid Fuel Generator
Stacks No
Created With Fabricator
Cost 50x Iron, 10x Copper


The solid generator requires Coal and outputs 20KW of power per each coal tick.


The generator is not on-demand, meaning if you put in 50 coal, it will burn 50 coal with the power potentially vanishing. An Area Power Controller will allow you to charge a battery to help capture some of the wasted energy. The area power controller you will only charge 1KW of power to the connected battery (plus any downstream loads), effectively wasting about 95% of your coal.

It consumes about 16 coal pieces to fully charge a Kit (Battery). This is about 3 coal pieces per battery indicator light.

Connect your generator to a Kit (Battery) with Heavy Cable to store all 20KW of power being produced.

Like the Gas Generator, Solid Generator seems to need atmosfere to run, otherwise it will start and stop even if the power button is ON (game version: 0.1.1564.7373)