Ore (Coal)

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Ore (Coal)
Used With
Stacks 50x
Prefab Hash 1724793494

Ore (Coal)
Coal ore.jpg
Mined with Mining Drill, Heavy Mining Drill


Ore (Coal) is a type of Ore that can be burned in a Generator (Solid Fuel) for energy, smelted in a Furnace to create alloys, or used in a Reagent Processor to make Spray Paint (Black).


Ore (Coal) is mined throughout the surface of planets, moons, or asteroids using a Mining Drill.


Coal can be used as low-level fuel to generate power in the Solid Fuel Generator. Coal can be combined with Iron Ore in the Furnace to create Steel Ingot.

When burned in a Solid Fuel Generator, coal provides sizable 200 kJ of power per unit (20 kW for 10 ticks or 40 kJ/S for 5 seconds). However, burning it indoors can be a bad idea, as it generates pollution that is bad for the Player's health. Specifically, each unit of coal burned produces:

3 mol Pollutant
10 mol Carbon Dioxide

It can also be placed in the Reagent Processor to make Carbon Powder, an item needed for black Spray Paint.