Reagent Processor

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Reagent Processor
Created With Electronics Printer, Fabricator
Cost 5g Iron, 1g Gold, 2g Copper


Sitting somewhere between a high powered juicer and an alchemist's alembic, the reagent processor turns certain raw materials and food items into cooking and Xigo crafting ingredients. Indispensible in any space kitchen, just bolt it to the bench, and you're ready to go.
- Stationpedia

Requires to be attached to a Bench. Drop it onto a bench and hold a Wrench in your active hand to get the option to attach it.


Note that trying to process food item which has no recipe will consume the item without producing anything.

1 Soybean 1ml Soy Oil
1 Wheat 5g Flour
1 Fern 5g Fenoxitone Powder
1 Coal 10g Carbon Powder
5 Gold 1g Gold Powder
5 Silver 1g Silver Powder
1 Flower 5g Coloring