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A Fruiting Soy Plant
Time to fruit 1.4 Days*
Number of fruits 2

Soy can be grown in hydroponics to yield 2 x Soybean.
Provide water in and out of the tray and CO2 at 15oC-50oC. The plants will produce oxygen and heat which you will need to remove.

Info Data
Time To Fruiting 1.4 Days*
No Fruites 2
Raw Nutrition 10%
Edible By Chickens Yes

Science: * Fruiting times may be complicated as this time is in mars days and the result would be better measured in KW generated from 1 solar panel using the Accurate Solar Setup. I don't know yet if plants work like solar panels and as there is no soybean article, this will do just fine ! I Expect time to fruiting to become far more complicated in the future.