Tomato Soup

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Tomato Soup
Stacks 1
Created With Basic packaging machine or Advanced packaging machine
Cost 5 Cooked Tomato, 1 Soy Oil, 1 Empty Can


Tomato Soup can fill 580% hunger (So, eating 17.24% of it will fill 100% hunger.) and is made by canning 5 Cooked Tomatoes, 1 Soy Oil, and 1 Empty Can in the Basic packaging machine or Advanced packaging machine.

1 Empty Can is physically dropped onto the ground after fully consumed, and it can be reused
When making soup in the packaging machine, make sure to put the empty can into the top of the machine, else it will waste the ingredients.

When the right mouse button is held, only the adequate part is consumed to fill hunger up to 100%.
Percentages of it can be eaten by holding down and releasing the right mouse button.


  • Interestingly, tomato soup is 2.32 times more nutritious than cooked tomatoes, which are 1.7 times more nutritious than raw Tomatoes. This makes tomato soup have the calories of 20 raw tomatoes, being made from just 5.
  • It is widely considered to be the most overpowered food in the game, as unlike the Pumpkin Pie, tomato soup takes little effort to prepare and doesn't spoil.