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Volume 6

Mushrooms can be grown in hydroponics without light to yield 2 x Mushrooms when fully grown. They will be damaged when exposed to sunlight.
Provide water into piping and O2 in atmosphere. The as they are fungi, they will consume O2 and produce CO2(!) and heat which you will need to remove.[1]

Plants need the following:

  • Atmosphere: Minimum atmosphere pressure 7.7 kPa, with traces of CO2 (at least 0.1 mol) and under 1% Pollutant (X).
  • Temp: Minimum atmosphere temperature of 0C (293K) is required for growth, under 0C (273K) or over 50C (323K) the plants will die after 5 minutes.
    • The ideal temperature range for maximum growth speed is between 20-30C
  • Water: 5-60 Degree Celsius to avoid taking damage
    • Plants require Water, but consume only ~0.043 mols per hour (0.0216)
  • Light: either sunlight, or a Grow Light are required for plant growth. A mature plant won't die or take damage when in darkness.
  • Optionally: you can increase yield or growth speed by adding fertilizer created in a Portable Composter or an Advanced Composter
Info Data
Time to fruiting 14 minutes
Yield 2
Raw Nutrition 20%
Edible By Chickens No
  • Produces CO₂ and consumes O₂ at 0.072 mol/minute (0.0012 per tick)


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