EVA Suit

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EVA Suit
Stacks No
Created With Fabricator; Tool Manufactory
Max Pressure 202.65 kPa
Volume 10 L


Used to be able to go outside a pressurized and breathable environment. It features an adjustable pressure adjustment and air conditioning toggle.

  • Cost
    • 5 Iron
    • 5 Copper
  • Contains 6 slots
    • 1x Air Tank - insert a Canister with 100% O2
    • 1x Waste Tank - insert an empty Canister where gases removed by the filters will be stored
    • 1x Life Support - insert a charged Battery Cell
    • 3x Filters - insert at least CO2 filters, perhaps others if air tank is not 100% O2


  • Note that the maximum allowed pressure for the Waste Tank is 4052kPa. Low/critical oxygen warnings will occur close to this value.
  • The default filter is the CO2 filter, a gas generated by the characters when consuming breathable air.
  • Make sure you only put 100% Oxygen into your breathing tank! If, e.g. you would put the common "compressed air" mixture of 80% Nitrogen/20% Oxygen into your tank, the Nitrogen would accumulate in your suit/helmet over time and suffocate you! Unless you replace one of the suits CO2 filters with a Nitrogen filter. Think of it this way: You start with a 100% Oxygen atmosphere in your suit/helmet. Through breathing you will replace some of the Oxygen with CO2. The CO2 will be removed by the suits filters (which are by default three CO2 filters), in turn dropping the pressure in the suit/helmet. The breathing tank will replenish the suits/helmets atmosphere (with whatever is in the breating tank) until the target pressure of the suit/helmet is reached again. This cycle will repeat over and over. So if you have anything else than pure Oxygen in your breathing tank, it will be introduced into the atmosphere of your suit and helmet and it will accumulate over time (ultimately to 100%, because you're not breathing it and it doesn't get filtered out!). If you're in a pinch and don't have pure Oxygen available, you can use other gas mixtures, but be sure that you add the appropriate filters to your suit as well.