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Kit (Tool Manufactory)
Created With Autolathe, Fabricator
Cost 20g Iron, 10g Copper
Tool Manufactory
Tool manufactory.jpg
Power Usage 5W + Recipe Usage
Placed with Kit (Tool Manufactory)
Placed on Small Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill
Item received Kit (Tool Manufactory)

Used to craft a variety of items. Takes ingots in the left and spits product out of the right. Power button toggles machine power state. Lever will eject materials inside if machine is powered. Arrow buttons select recipe, push the square button in between to craft.

To complete construction you will need 2 Iron Sheets, 4 Cable Coil, 2 Plastic Sheets, a Welder tool, and a Screwdriver.

The Tool Manufactory can be upgraded with a Mod Kit to make MkII Tools, and Duct Tape. Along with the Hardsuit, with its respective Backpack and Jetpack.

Warning: Machine will continue to craft until button is pushed again, machine is turned off or loses power.


Used to create: