Basic Jetpack

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Basic Jetpack
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A combined jetpack / storage unit worn on the back, usually in combination with a EVA Suit. This jetpack's maximum flight speed is limited to approximately 3m/s (slightly slower than running on a flat surface), but it consumes very little propellant.


Your jetpack can be activated using the Keyboard shortcut 'J' or by pressing the Spacebar (which will cause you to gain altitude). It also significantly increases your carrying capacity.

The jetpack includes a Stabilizer function, which when activated will cause your character to 'hover' after gaining altitude in a gravity well, rather than falling. It is also possible to adjust the 'Thrust' Value of your jetpack. This will not change the top speed you can attain, but instead adjusts the rate of acceleration. The Basic Jetpack can therefore be made much less twitchy for use around your base by decreasing its Thrust setting.

Your backpack storage and jetpack functions can be accessed by pressing the Number '4' key. This will bring up a panel showing the backpack's settings, as follows:

  • Stabilizer On / Off - Toggle the Stabilizer on and off
  • Thrust Up/Down - When the jetpack is active, adjusts Thrust by increments of +/-10%

The colour of an (unworn) backpack can be changed using Spray Paint.


It contains 10 slots, as follows:

Basic Jetpack and Inventory layout



Usually pure N2 is used as a propellant, but any liquid or gas will work. Often CO2 is selected as a more readily available alternative propellant once the initial supply of nitrogen is exhausted.

Other considerations:

  • Generally you will wish to use a gas with plentiful availability as jetpack propellant (such as Carbon Dioxide on Mars, or even just pressurized local atmosphere).
  • Pollutants and CO2 are suitable as propellants and are plentiful once you have a working Furnace.
  • Any gas mix can be used as propellant, as Thrust is generated by controlled venting of the gas, not by combustion; However:
    • Your jetpack vents its propellant directly into the atmosphere or any sealed room you are inside - as such, your jetpack could potentially contaminate a sealed environment (for example with Carbon Dioxide or Pollutant), or even cause a fire if it causes Oxygen and Hydrogen to mix in sufficient quantities to support spontaneous combustion
    • In theory, you could carry a spare propellant tank in your backpack, potentially with an alternate gas mix (possibly allowing safe use of jetpack 'indoors')


  • Your backpack can hold items stacked within items (you could nest multiple backpacks - although this may be contrary to the spirit of the game!)
  • It is possible to mix EVA Suit elements and Hardsuit elements.
  • Marine Armor has no matching backpack, and could therefore be supplemented sensibly with any backpack.