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Ideas/ suggestions for a standardized Logic Setup.[edit]

Hello guys!

I have made a system for distribute Logic Setups. This way we can have a "Standard" system for each and every Logic Setup added to the Wiki. It is nothing fancy or sensational. It just takes every Logic Unit in to a format it is uniform.

I made this in Evernote, as I use this a lot for many things.

My way might not be what everyone want. But might be a way to get every new guide or tutorial in sync with what is needed for every level the players are at in their experience with the game.

Another thing, is there a forum we talk about this Wiki for Stationeers? Or is it just this talk thing we share ideas for the site?

Here is an example: (Tried to edit to Wiki setup, but I'm on phone. And new to using the Wiki. So this look much better in my notes than in here. At least for now.)

Material List[edit]

Logic Memory[edit]
  • 3x Logic Memory Unit
Logic I/O[edit]
  • 1x Logic Reader Unit
Logic Processor[edit]
  • 2x Logic Math Unit
Logic Processor[edit]
  • 1x Logic Min/Max Unit
Logic I/O[edit]
  • Batch Writer Unit
  • 1x Solar Sensor
Power Control/Storage[edit]
  • 1x Area Power Control (APC)
Solar Panels[edit]
  • 3x Solar Panels
  • "x" Amount of Standard Cable
  • "x" Amount of Heavy Cable


Logic Memory 1 of 3 (Settings):[edit]
  • Label Name: Memory 15
  • Memory Set: 15
Logic Memory 2 of 3 (Settings):[edit]
  • Label Name: Memory 1.5
  • Memory Set: 1.5
Logic Memory 3 of 3 (Settings):[edit]
  • Label Name: Memory 100
  • Memory Set: 100
Logic Reader 1 of 1 (Settings):[edit]
  • Label Name: Logic Reader 1
  • In: Daylight Sensor
  • Var: Solar Angle
Math Unit 1 of 2 (Settings):[edit]
  • Label Name: Math Unit 1
  • Input 1: Result > Logic Reader 1
  • Input 2: Memory 15
  • Out (Operation Selector): Subtract
Math Unit 2 of 2 (Settings):[edit]
  • Label Name: Math Unit 2
  • Input 1: Result > Math Unit 1
  • Input 2: Memory 1.5
  • Out (Operation Selector): Divide
Min/Max Unit 1 of 1 (Settings):[edit]
  • Label Name: Min-Max 1
  • Input 1: Result > Math Unit 2
  • Input 2: Memory 100
  • OPR (Less/Greater Selector): Less
Batch Writer 1 of 1 (Settings):[edit]
  • Label Name: Batch Writer 1
  • Input 1: Result > Min-Max 1
  • Out Var: Vertical
  • Out Type: Solar Panels