Kit (Door)

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Kit (Door)
Stacks yes
Created With Fabricator, Autolathe
Cost 3g Copper Ore, 7g Iron Ore


A Kit (Door) is used to build a Portal that is suitable for separating differing atmospheric environments.


All variants of Kit (Door) share the following characteristics:

  • They are guaranteed to be airtight.
  • They have relatively low resistance to Pressure on the data and power side compared to other Portals.
  • They have relatively low resistance to Damage compared to other Portals.
  • They can be used in the construction of an Airlock.


various types of door that can be built from this kit
Variant Requirements Pressure rupture point (kPa) Power draw (Watts)
Composite Door 1 x Kit (Door) 300 10
Glass Door 1 x Kit (Door) 200 25
Composite Roll Cover 1 x Kit (Door) 200 n/a
Manual Hatch 1 x Kit (Door) 500 n/a


Manufacturer Requirements
Autolathe 500 Power, 7g Iron, 3g Copper


Kit (Door)'s can be recycled using a Recycler in conjunction with a Centrifuge to yield #g Iron and #g Copper


Kit (Door)'s can be destroyed using a Arc Furnace, a Furnace or with multiple shots from a Weapon

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