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Cartridge (type)
Stacks No
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 1g Iron, 5g Gold, 5g Copper

Cartridges are used in Handheld Tablets. Their functionality changes depending on the cartridge.

Cartridges are made in the Electronics Printer and the player starts will several of them in their Starting Gear.

Atmos Analyzer[edit]

The atmos analyzer cartridge allows the tablet to inspect the atmosphere of the current room, giving pressure, concentrations of each gas, as well as the molar quantity of the gasses. This information applies to the large-grid cube of atmosphere the tablet is in. Pointing the tablet at a pipe or tank will give the same information for either the contents of the tank or the contents of the entire pipe network.

Medical Analyzer[edit]

Scans the users organs for their health state.


The tracker cartridge will enable the tablet to point the direction and provide the distance to a beacon that is on or to another player. Using the scroll wheel will allow different targets to be selected.


The eReader provides a database of items and recipes to create. It also provides the information as to which machine is needed, power consumed to craft, and temperature/pressure required (furnace recipes). Using the scroll wheel will scroll through the items. There are a lot of items and there is not currently a search function.

Network Analyzer[edit]

The network analyzer cartridge is used to monitor the current, potential, and actual wattage of a line. And list the connected devices on a network.

Ore Scanner[edit]

The ore scanner cartridges are used with the Ground Penetrating Radar to scan for minerals underground. The different cartridge types provide different map details to locate minerals.