Ingot (Invar)

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Ingot (Invar)
Stacks 50x
Created With Furnace
Cost 1:1 ratio of Iron and Nickel
Max Pressure 18MPa to 20MPa
Max Temperature 1.2kK to 1.5kK
Hash ID -297990285


Ingot (Invar) is a metal alloy. It is used in crafting of various items.


It is created by smelting equal parts Iron and Nickel in a Furnace.

Easiest way to get this is as follows:

  1. Hook up a release valve to the outgoing pipe on the furnace.
  2. Open the valve to release all pressure and don't forget to close after that.
  3. Put in 15 oxide and 15 volatiles
  4. Put in 150 iron and 150 nickel. You can put bigger amount eg. 200 iron and 200 nickel.
  5. Wait for pressure to drop to 20MPa.
  6. Profit!