Kit (Auto Miner Small)

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Kit (Auto Miner Small)
Created With Electronics Printer Mk2
Cost 15g Copper, 100g Steel, 50g Electrum, 15g Invar
Auto Miner Small
Power Usage 200W
Placed with Kit (Auto Miner Small)
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Wrench
Item received Kit (Auto Miner Small)


Used to mine ores in the highlighted area in front of it, down to bedrock. It uses 200W and it can be easily powered by an APC with a large battery.

Note that ices mined this way will melt if the atmosphere around the miner is warm. Volatiles will catch fire on Mars during the day but won't on Europa because of the temperature difference. It would be best to redirect the miner's output with chutes to an enclosed space and use an active vent to pump the gas inside a portable tank


3x Electronic Parts 3x Iron Sheets 4x Steel Sheets


The unit is a platform with no power source and it is simply going to dump it's output. You will likely need a few completed frames, a power generator, wire to connect it and something like a hole to catch the ore.