Lingote de Invar

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Lingote de Invar
Stacks 50x
Created With Horno
Cost Proporcion 1:1 de Hierro y Niquel
Max Pressure 6000 a 7000 kPa
Max Temperature 1200 a 2000 K


Invar Ingot es una aleacion de metal. es usada para crear varias partes de la nave.


Es creado fundiendo a partes iguales Hierro y Niquel en el Horno Avanzado.

Easiest way to get this is as follows:

  1. Hook up a release valve to the outgoing pipe on the furnace.
  2. Open the valve to release all pressure.
  3. Put in 25 oxide and 12 volatiles.
  4. Put in 150 iron and 150 nickel.
  5. Release the pressure until you get to 7k.
  6. Profit!