Ingot (Stellite)

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Ingot (Stellite)
Max Pressure 10 MPa to 20 MPa
Max Temperature 1800 K to 100000 K
Stacks 500g
Created With Advanced Furnace
Cost 2:1:1 ratio of
Silicon, Silver, and Cobalt
Item Hash -1897868623


Ingot (Stellite) is an super alloy. It is used in crafting of various Rocket parts and Hardsuit pieces.

NOTE: Pressure and Temp requirements were changed in the December 2020 Blown Away update.


It is created by smelting a ratio of 2:1:1 using Silicon, Silver and Cobalt in the Advanced Furnace. It is recommended to use Volatiles and Nitrous Oxide mixed at a 1:1 ratio in the Advanced Furnace. NOTE: Since the "Phase Change" update in July 2023, it seems Stellite can now be made using a perfect fuel mix (2:1) of Volatiles and Oxygen, instead of using N2O. However this needs further testing.

The primary challenge in smelting Stellite is the temperature requirement. The more ore you include in the batch, the more heat will be lost in liquifying the ore. Using a 100:50:50 mix will drive the temperature below 1800 K and you will end up with several lumps of Reagent Mix. 50:25:25 will leave the temperature high enough to properly form the alloy.

NOTE: January StationEARS update reduced the yields from smelting super alloys. 2 Silicon, 1 Silver, and 1 Cobalt will now return only 1 Ingot (Stellite).

Items used in

30g Rocket Engine
20g Rocket Cargo (not functional at time of edit)
35g Rocket Command Pod (not functional at time of edit)
25g Rocket Automation Module
 1g Heavy Filters 
 2g Hardsuit
 2g Hardsuit Helmet
 5g Hardsuit Backpack
 8g Hardsuit Jetpack
 2g Kit (Battery Large)
 1g Stellite Glass Sheets (one required per reinforced window)

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