Reagent Mix

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Reagent Mix
Stacks 50x
Created With Furnace, Advanced Furnace, Recycler
Hash ID -1641500434


Reagent Mix is mixture of different materials.

Obtain: You can get Reagent Mix from recycling items at the Recycler.

The Reagent Mix can also be produced by the Furnace, if you try to smelt an alloy with a bad quantity of each ore, or when you open the furnace without the good temperature and pressure conditions.

Reagent Mix can be used on Centrifuge, you can extract ores from reagent mix.


  • Even by passing by the Centrifuge, some ore cannot be separated from the Reagent Mix. For example, Steel will exit the centrifuge as reagent mix. You will then need to put it in the Furnace and re-smelt it to obtain steel. This also apply for Solder, Electrum, other alloys and advanced alloys.
  • Reagent Mix can be stacked like Ores, but stacking different reagent mixes can make a more complex mix of alloys that you will need to separate using the Centrifuge.
  • A Stacker will stacks reagent mixes without considering if they have the same or different compositions.