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Gas Canister
Stacks No
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender, Fabricator
Cost 5g Iron
Max Pressure 10132.5 kPa
Volume 64 L
Gas Canister (Smart)
Stacks No
Created With Fabricator
Cost 2g Copper,
8g Steel,
2g Silicon
Max Pressure 20265 kPa
Volume 64 L


Gas Canister is used to store gasses. The gasses can then be output at a rate of 101.325 kPa per tick. Overpressurizing the canister will cause it to explode, with a force of 350(?units) in a radius of 5(?units). The maximum pressure for a canister is 10.132 MPa, or 100 atmospheres.

Gas Canister (Smart) have visible display of tank pressure and a pressure capacity twice that of the standard gas canister.


To fill the canister, place it into a Gas Tank Storage unit that's connected to a pipe network carrying gas. You can easily build an airtight room, with an active vent, a pressure gauge and the Gas Tank storage all connected together to fill the tank. It can also be refiiled by inserting it into the striped area above of the Portable Tank.

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  • It has a capacity of 64 Liters

Default colour marking in Stationeers:

Blue H2O (water)
Green N2 (nitrogen)
N2O (nitrous oxide)
Grey CO2 (carbon dioxide)
X (polutants)
Orange Fuel (H2 66% + O2 34%)
Red H2 (volatiles)
White O2 (oxygen)
Air (N2 75% + O2 25%)
Yellow standard colour after manufacturing, referred as - empty