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Space Helmet
Stacks No
Created With Fabricator
Volume 3 L


Paired with an EVA Suit, it provides a contained, portable, pressurized, breathable environment need for protection against the vacuum of space.

  • Cost
    • 2 Copper
    • 2 Gold
  • Helmet toggles
    • Open/Close Mask - Open and close the glass visor of the helmet. (keyboard shortcut - I)
    • Lock/Unlock Mask - Allow or prevent the opening of the mask.
    • Light On/Off - Toggle the helmet's forward facing light on and off.
    • Flush - Expels helmet's current gaseous contents and replenishes from the air tank.


  • Caution: An open helmet allows exposure to the conditions outside of the suit.
  • The helmet's light draws power from the EVA Suit's battery.
  • Flush if helmet opened in a contaminated, external environment.