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Space Helmet
Max Pressure 202.65 kPa
Volume 3L
Created With Fabricator; Tool Manufactory
Cost 2g Copper, 5g Gold


Paired with an EVA Suit, it provides a contained, portable, pressurized, breathable environment need for protection against the vacuum of space.

The Space Helmet is the lighter of the two suit helmets available, with the other (much more expensive) one being the Hardsuit Helmet.


Your helmet must be worn with a suitable suit to function properly. Your helmet functions can be accessed by pressing the Number '1' key. This will bring up a panel showing the helmet's settings, as follows:

  • Open / Close Mask - Open and close the glass visor of the helmet, venting or enclosing your suit atmosphere (Keyboard shortcut - I)
    • Lock/Unlock Mask - Allow or prevent the opening of the visor (useful to avoid accidental opening)
    • Light On / Off - Toggle the helmet's forward facing light on and off (Keyboard shortcut - L)
    • Flush - Expels helmet's (and suit's) current atmosphere and replenishes from the air tank.

The helmet's light draws power from your suit Battery. If damaged, your helmet can be patched by holding Duct Tape in your right hand and holding the right mouse button. The colour of an (unworn) helmet can be changed using Spray Paint.


  • Caution: An open helmet allows exposure to the conditions outside of the suit
  • Caution: The helmet can withstand an external pressure difference of ~1Mpa, higher pressures will cause damage to the helmet.
  • Caution: When flushing your helmet, your Stationeer's lungs will receive 0.16 points of damage.
  • If you open the helmet in a contaminated, external environment (and lack Filters to process the contaminants), Flush the helmet
  • It is theoretically possible to mix EVA Suit elements and Hardsuit elements, although this is relatively uncommon
  • Damaged helmets can be recycled (assuming you have a new one to use!)