Soy Oil

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Soy oil
Stacks 100ml
Created With Reagent Processor
Cost 1 Soybean - 1ml soy oil


  • Up to 100 Soybean can be ground in the Reagent Processor at a time to make a full bottle of oil.
  • Certain ingredient requires a specific amount of oil. Auto amount inserted via left click seems to be capped at 10% of the bottle's current volume causing wrong amount getting used. Hold down 'C' key when clicking to insert 1 unit (1ml) per mouse click.
  • Can be used to make food in Microwave.
  • Most canning recipes require one Soy Oil.
  • Can be used with various materials in the Paint Mixer to make Spray Paint of varying colors.
  • Can not be merged with another bottle of Soy oil.

When right button is held, only adequate part is consumed to fill hunger up to 100%.
Percentages of it can be eaten by holding down and relasing the right mouse button.

Currently, it seems that eating 1ml of it will fill 20% hunger.