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Rice can be grown in hydroponics to yield 2 x Rice Seeds at an early stage and 2 x Rice when fully grown. It appears to be the fastest growing plant, so it's useful if you just want to produce Biomass.

The unmodified ferns prefer

  • a temperature between 20-30C
  • pressure between 53-110 kPa
  • 10 minutes of light /day
  • 5 minutes of darkness /day

To check the parameters for ferns that have had stressed ancestors, use the Plant Sampler and Plant Genetic Analyzer.

Info Data
Time to fruiting 4.5 minutes in light
Yield 2+2
Raw Nutrition 6%
Edible By Chickens No

More information:

  • Rice grows almost 2x faster than wheat, and over 2x faster than Corn and Pumpkins.