Portable Tank Advanced

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Portable Tank Advanced
TEMPORARY IMAGEDynamicGasCanisterEmpty.png
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Cost 20g Iron, 5g Copper, 15g Steel, 5g Silicon
Max Pressure 20265 kPa
Volume 790(?) L


The Portable Tank Advanced is used to store gasses. It has a higher volume than the Gas Canister or Gas Canister (Smart).

The maximum pressure for the tank is 20.265 MPa, or 200 atmospheres. Over pressurizing the tank will cause it to explode. Once the maximum pressure is reached the tank starts taking damage until it bursts. This allows the Portable Tank Advanced to exceed the pressure rating temporarily.


The Portable Tank Advanced can be connected/disconnected to pipe networks using a Tank Connector, by placing the tank on the connector and then interacting with it using a Wrench. It can also be connected (and disconnected) to the Rover and Lander

The front of the tank features a striped area where a Gas Canister or Gas Canister (Smart) can be inserted for refilling (equalizing the pressure in both canisters). There is also a variable flow rate valve on the top of the tank that can be used to vent the tank to atmosphere (or into a sealed room). Note that this valve does not need to be opened when connected to a Tank Connector, but the setting of the valve remains persistent between connection and disconnection.


The visual bar will remain grey until 10.132 MPa, then the bar will begin to fill until once past 20.265 MPa the display will begin to blink red and damage to the tank occurs.

  • Default colour marking in Stationeers:
Blue H2O (Water)
Green N2 (Nitrogen)
N2O (Nitrous Oxide)
Grey CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
X (Poluttant)
Orange Fuel (H2 66% + O2 34%)
Red H2 (Hydrogen / Volitiles)
White O2 (Oxygen)
Air (as defined in-game as O2 25% + N2 75%)
Yellow Stock colour after manufacturing (Empty)
  • Other common (player) colour markings in Stationeers:
Black X (Pollutant, replacing Grey)
Khaki Air (as defined in-game as O2 25% + N2 75%, replacing White)
Air 20/80 (Earth Standard, less 1% Argon)
Nitrox 35/65 (alternate breathable mixture)
Pink Hydroponic Air (any breatahable mix with also including >2% CO2)
Purple Exhaust Gas (any High Pressure / Temperature mix including X and CO2)
Brown Body-specific Atmospheric Gas
Yellow Waste / Exhaled Gas (per default Waste Canister)