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Construction Kit (Sensor)
Stacks 5x
Constructing Options Daylight, Motion or Gas Sensor
Created With Electronics Printer, Fabricator
Cost 1g Copper, 1g Gold
Daylight Sensor
Placement Small Grid, On Frames
Power Usage 10W
Gas Sensor
Placement Small Grid, On Frames
Power Usage 10W
Motion Sensor
Placement Small Grid, On Frames
Power Usage 10W


Sensors are used to detect different conditions of the world. They can be read by the Logic Computers as well as used when correctly configured by some devices, such as a Console with a Circuitboard (Airlock Control).

Daylight Sensor[edit]

The daylight sensor reports whether the sun hits the large grid the sensor is in, as well as the angle (relative to the normal angle of the sensor).

The sensor reports the angle even during the night. The fact, whether the sensor is really exposed to sunlight or hidden, as well as rotation of the sensor is irrelevant (as of current version).


  • If the daylight sensor is fixed on the floor, it will report 90 degrees at sunrise, up to 0 degrees at noon, back to 90 degrees at sunset, to 180 degrees at midnight, and back to 90 at sunrise.
  • If fixed on a ceiling the cycle will be opposite, i.e.: 90 -> 180 -> 90 -> 0 -> 90.
  • If fixed to an east facing wall, the cycle from sunrise is: 0 -> 90 -> 180 -> 90 -> 0.
  • If fixed to a west facing wall, the cycle is opposite, i.e.: 180 -> 90 -> 0 -> 90 -> 180.
  • If fixed to a north or south facing wall it will stay at 90 degrees all the time.

Motion Sensor[edit]

The motion sensor activates when a player enters the large grid square where the sensor is, and it will deactivate when no more players are in the area.

Gas Sensor[edit]

The gas sensor will report information about the gas in the current atmosphere, such as pressure, contents and temperature.

Note: Temperature is given in Kelvin, while your suit gives a readout in Celsius.

Celsius + 273.15 = Kelvin