Atmospheric Components Quick Reference

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This is a quick reference to the various components of a piped-fluid network.

Component Kit Inputs Outputs One-way? Switched? Compressor? Volume Max. Pressure Max. Power Primary Function
Pipe (various shapes) Kit (Pipe), also craftable at Autolathe 2-6 generic No No No 100 L 60 MPa - Provide a pathway.
Pipe Label Kit (Pipe Label) clamp-on - - - - - - Visually label pipes.
Pipe Valve Kit (Pipe Valve) 2 generic No Manual only No  ?  ? - Open/close flow manually.
Pipe Digital Valve Kit (Digital Valve) 2 generic No Yes No  ?  ? 25W Open/close flow using logic circuits.
Pipe Volume Pump Kit (Volume Pump) 1 1 Yes Yes Yes, adjustable varies?  ? 800W, varies Pump fluid at adjustable rate.
Pressure Regulator Kit (Pressure Regulator) 1 1 Yes Yes Yes  ? 20 MPa 100W Achieve target pressure at output.
Back Pressure Regulator Kit (Pressure Regulator) 1 1 Yes Yes Yes  ? 20 MPa 100W Achieve target pressure at input.
Pipe Meter Kit (Pipe Meter) clamp-on - - - - - - Visually show pipe's pressure.
Pipe Analyzer Kit (Pipe Analyzer) clamp-on - - - - - 50W Sense pipe's pressure, temperature, and composition, for visual display and logic circuits.
Pipe Gas Mixer Kit (Gas Mixer) 2 1 Yes Yes Yes1  ?  ? 100W Mix fluids: Combine two input mixes into one output mix, at an adjustable ratio.
Filtration Kit (Atmospherics) 1 2 Yes Yes Yes  ?  ? 5W Sort fluids: Separate an input mix into a pure output and a "leftover" output.
Electrolyzer Kit (Atmospherics) 1 1 Yes Yes Yes  ?  ? 1,400W Create fuel: From input H2O, output mixed O2 and Volatiles.
Air Conditioner Kit (Atmospherics) 1 2 Yes Yes Yes  ?  ? 7,000W, varies Heat or cool a fluid: From input, split heat between right-temperature and wrong-temperature outputs.
Wall Cooler Kit (Wall Cooler) space 1 Yes, for heat2 Yes, for heat2 Yes, for heat2  ?  ?  ? Cool a space: Actively remove heat from a space into a pipe.
Pipe Radiator Kit (Pipe Radiator) clamp-on - - - - - - Heat/cool: Passively exchange heat between a pipe and a space.
Active Vent Kit (Active Vent) 1 generic, 1 space Yes, reversable Yes Yes  ?  ?3 100W Pump pressure between a space and a pipe.
Passive Vent Kit (Passive Vent) 1 generic, 1 space No No No - - - Equalize pressure between a space and a pipe.
Gas Tank Storage Kit (Canister Storage) 1 generic No No No 64 L4 101 MPa4 - Small storage: Attach pipes to Gas Canisters (removable, inventory-portable fluid storage).
Tank Connector Kit (Tank Connector) 1 generic No No No 790 L4 10.1 MPa4 - Medium storage: Attach pipes to Portable Tanks (removable, draggable fluid storage), and also to Portable Air Scrubbers and Portable Air Conditioners.
Small Tank Kit (Tank) 1 generic No Logic only? No 6 kL 60 MPa - Permanent, high-capacity fluid storage.
Large Tank Kit (Tank) × 5 1 generic No Logic only? No 50 kL 60 MPa - Permanent, super-capacity fluid storage.
Furnace Kit (Furnace), craftable at Autolathe 1 1 Yes No No 1 kL  ? - Smelt ores, but can also melt/sublimate Ices directly into a pipe.
Advanced Furnace Kit (Advanced Furnace), craftable at Electronics Printer Mk. II 1 1 Yes Yes Yes, adjustable 1 kL?  ?  ? Smelt ores and sublimate Ices, with active, adjustable pumping on input and output.

Kit: The item used to build the component. These are the names as they appear in fabrication lists, which does not always match the true name of the item. Except where noted, all of these items are manufactured with a Hydraulic Pipe Bender.

Input/Output: "Generic" connections are pipe fittings that are not explicitly for input or output. "Space" indicates an interface to fluids that are not contained in pipes (e.g., the atmosphere or the contents of a room). "Clamp-on" components have no fittings of their own; they clamp onto an existing Straight Pipe.

One-way: Does the component prevent fluid from flowing the wrong way, from output to input?

Switched: Does it prevent all flow when switched off or unpowered? Except where noted, switched components can be switched either manually or using logic circuits.

Compressor: Will it actively increase pressure in the output and decrease pressure in the input? If no, the component only allows pressure to change toward equilibrium between input and output, or it does not enable any pressure changes.

Max. Pressure: The component will begin to fail when pressure exceeds this. More precisely, this is the maximum difference in pressure between the component's internal volume and the surrounding space. Some components list "60 MPa" because attached pipes will fail, even if the true limit of the component itself is unknown. Even where a higher limit is known (e.g., canisters), this limitation still holds and places a practical maximum on most setups.

Note 1: While the Pipe Gas Mixer will actively compress from output to input, it will stop when either input is empty, to preserve the mix ratio.

Note 2: The Wall Cooler's one-way, switched, and "compressor" qualities apply only to the heat exchange. It does not directly affect the pressure or flow in its attached pipe.

Note 3: The Active Vent will fail at ? MPa. The pressure at which it will stop pumping is configurable through the data network and defaults to 0 Pa for Inward mode and 101 kPa (1 standard atmosphere) for Outward mode.

Note 4: These Volume and Max. Pressure ratings reflect the limits of the removable canisters and tanks. Note that the 101 MPa limit of a Gas Canister is considerably higher than the 60 MPa overall limit of a pipe network.