Portable Air Conditioner

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Portable Air Conditioner
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender, Fabricator
Cost 20g Steel Ingot, 5g Gold Ingot, 5g Silver Ingot, 5g Solder Ingot
Max Pressure 8106 kPa
Volume 250 L


Used to lower and raise the temperature by storing temperature inside the unit. It features two modes: Cold and Hot. It can be attached to a Tank Connector with a Wrench which will use the pipe network to store temperature rather than internal.

  • Note that it will flash an error if conditions are not met.
    • Hot mode will flash an error if the temperature is over +30C (303.15K)
    • Cold mode will flash an error if the temperature is less than -10C (263.15K)
  • When set on Cold, it will draw heat from the atmosphere and store it inside it's tank, where the temperature will increase very fast and too high values, which is not an issue, but it will reach it's maximum 8106kPa rather fast and flash an error. It's preferable to attach it to a Tank Connector and add some pipes with Pipe Radiators for longer term cooling.
  • When set on Hot, it will draw heat from it's tank and add it into the atmosphere. When the internal heat is depleted no error will be shown and the unit will no longer heat but it will continue to run. To overcome this it needs to be attached to a Tank Connector to use the hot gases inside a pipe network to heat up the atmosphere, while also cooling the gasses inside the pipe.


  • Internal tank volume is 250 Liters.
  • The power usage is 200W/tick meaning a Small Battery will last 1.5 minutes,a Large Battery 12 minutes and a Nuclear battery 1 hour 36 minutes.
  • It removes/adds heat by a factor of 4000J/s