Portable Generator

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Portable Generator
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Cost 10g Iron, 2g Gold, 5g Copper


A portable machine used to charge Battery Cells using fuel. It can be attached to a Power Connector to supply power to a grid.


Insert a canister of fuel into the slot on the left side. Insert battery in the slot above the power switch and hit the switch.


Since it consumes pressure, you can increase the output by supercooling it, also the mix matters.

34 O2, 66 H2 @ 20c 310W
34 O2, 66 H2 @ -99c 522W
34 O2, 66 H2 @ -271.7c 60.9KW
25 O2, 75 H2 @ 20c 235W
25 O2, 75 H2 @ -36.4c 291W
25 O2, 75 H2 @ -54.9c 315W
25 O2, 75 H2 @ -99c 395W