Deep Miner

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Kit (Deep Miner)
Screen-grab of Deep Miner Kit from Stationpedia
Created With Autolathe Tier 2
Cost 30g Steel, 5g Invar, 5g Constantan
Deep Miner
Screen-grab of Deep Miner Structure from Stationpedia
Power Usage 500W
Placed with Kit (Deep Miner)
Placed on Large Grid
Stage 1
Next Stage Construction
Constructed with tool Welding Torch, Screwdriver
Constructed with item 2x Steel Sheet, 2x Cable Coil
Deconstructed with Hand Drill, Wire Cutters, Angle Grinder, Wrench
Item received Kit (Deep Miner), 2x Steel Sheet, 2x Cable Coil


Drills through terrain until it hits bedrock. Once inside bedrock 10 or 11 Dirty Ore is produced every 80 to 100 seconds[1]. Both values are random each time, by average 10.5 ore every 90s (7 ore per minute).

Drill consumes 500 watts

Data/logic parameters currently incomprehensible to page contributor.

  1. data extracted from game's file