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The Zrilian is a DLC alternative playable species that is similar in appearance to a goblin, with unique coloration, pointy ears, and very vibrant gem colored eyes.

A Male Zrilian.


Zrilians are similar to regular humans; they need to eat food, drink water, breathe, and take damage from the same sources. Their pressure and temperature tolerances are also the same. Their differences lie in the way they breathe: they breathe in volatiles and exhale nitrous oxide.

Because Volatiles and Oxygen have a tendency to combust (this mixture is known commonly as Fuel), they have trouble living among humans and plants. Both humans and plants cannot breathe volatiles, as a Zrilian cannot breathe oxygen. It is advised to create separate living spaces for Zrilians and Humans, and Zrilian farmers need to take caution into properly filtering oxygen out of their plots. Atmosphere-to-Atmosphere Airlocks should be used to travel between these spaces, reinforced with steel frames and blast doors in case of combustion.

Because Zrilians exhale nitrous oxide, it is advised to never empty a Zrilian waste tank in a human environment, as there is potential to stun every human in every connected room.

Starting Equipment[edit]

Same as a human but with a canister full of volatiles instead of oxygen to breath, and nitrous oxide filters for instead of CO2.