Portable Tank

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Portable Tank
Stacks No
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Cost 20g Iron
Max Pressure 10135 kPa
Volume 790 L


The Portable Tank is used to store gasses. It has a higher volume than the Gas Canister. The front of the tank features a striped area where the Gas Canister can be inserted for refilling. Overpressurizing the tank will cause it to explode identically to the Gas Canister, with a force of 350(? units) in a radius of 5(? units). The maximum pressure for the tank is 10.132 MPa, or 100 atmospheres. Once the maximum pressure is reached the tank starts taking damage until it bursts. This is why Portable Tanks can exceed the pressure rating temporarily.


  • The "standard pressure" is defined as 8106 kPa, which is what the Oxygen tank starts with
  • The gasses can be output at a rate of 202.65 kPa per tick (0.5 seconds)