Ore (Cobalt)

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Ore (Cobalt)
Used With
Stacks Yes (50)
Centrifuge 1g Cobalt
Prefab Hash -983091249
Prefab Name ItemCobaltOre
Logic Classes

Ore (Cobalt)
Cobalt ore.jpg
Mined with Mining Drill, Heavy Mining Drill
Cobalt is a chemical element with the symbol "Co" and is typically found in only small deposits. Cobalt is a rare substance, but used create the Heal Pill and several alloys.
- Stationpedia


Ore (Cobalt) is a rare ore that can be mined throughout the surface and underground of a planet or an asteroid using a Mining Drill or Pickaxe. It can also be obtained by processing dirty ore from a Deep Miner using a Centrifuge or Combustion Centrifuge.


There is currently no recipe to make Cobalt into an ingot, so any recipes that require it can be made directly from the ore. It can also be combined in the Advanced Furnace to create the advanced alloys Astroloy, Hastelloy and Stellite.

Smelting one cobalt ore produces the following gases:

Amount Gas
1 mol Volatiles
3 mol Nitrogen


Besides the aforementioned advanced alloys, cobalt ore is currently used in one recipe, the Pill (Medical).