Chemistry Station

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Chemistry Station
Stacks No
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 1g Gold, 5g Copper, 5g Steel


Must be attached to a Bench by using a Wrench.


You cannot produce more than 1 full item at once. If you insert more ingredients, they will be lost permanently. Put the required ingredients (for 1 item) on the plate. When placing the first ingredient a beaker will appear. When the ingredients are correct, the resulting item's name will appear when you mouse over the beaker. Press the switch, wait for fabrication to finish and you will find the product inside the built-in drawer. To delete the ingredients contained inside the beaker, hold the left mouse button on the beaker.


Medical Pill 10g Fern, 1g Silver, 1g Cobalt
Paralysis Pill 10g Fern*, 4g Charcoal*
Milk 5g Fern, 5ml Soy Oil
  • Previously, Fenoxitone was used instead of Fern and Charcoal was called Carbon. These names still exist in the Stationpedia and in recipes.